How to tell if your hard drive is dying, and what to do to save it

June 1, 2017

How many times have we heard it, and doesn't it always make you sick to your stomach. Hard drive failure, sure it happened to someone you know, but it's just a matter of time before it happens to you right? Always. You worked hard making and storing those precious family and vacation pictures & videos you had, not to mention your music collection, games, and whatever else you have which is now sitting on your computer's hard drive. Just not so safe and sound as you thought. Just because you put it there, doesn't mean it will stay there. 

Hardware failure is going to happen. To the best of us, and usually when you least expect it. There is no real 100% guaranteed indestructible means of keeping your data safe forever, but you can sure give it a try and make your valuable gigs and gigs of data stay backed up for as long as possible. So when is the best time to back up? Right now, as soon as you can do it. After all, that's like asking when is a good time to save for retirement. But is your hard drive in any danger at this moment of failure? The best answer is yes, as you can never tell when something bad will happen. It's simply not a matter of if,.....but when.

So what if your hard drive is having issues right now, or at least you may think it is and wonder what you can do about it. Assuming you even can do something about it. Take on a couple of helpful new video picks this week from the Tech Tips guy Linus. He is famous and a YouTube sensation for making many useful and informative videos on all things computer and technology related, all while breaking things down so that even the most computer illiterate of us can understand it. A must watch for those of you on the edge of losing your minds and trying to understand this kind of stuff. 

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How to tell if your hard drive is dying, and what to do to save it

June 1, 2017

How many times have we heard it, and doesn't i…

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