What life would be like for you if you had to use a dial-up modem in 2017

June 26, 2017

My how time flies, and with it the advent of faster and faster technology. What was a big and clunky VHS tape back in the 80s and 90s, is now HD video streaming straight to your computer or mobile device. It seems that what was cutting edge technology last month, becomes obsolete the next month. But that's how it is these days. Now think about this for a minute. We take our Internet for granted. We expect to have instant information at our fingertips, and we expect it to load ever so fast right? Well, what if if that ability was suddenly taken away from you?

If you visit a new site, that takes let's say only a few seconds to load, and that suddenly was raised to over 2 minutes. Even for some of the most simple of websites. You would go insane wouldn't you? Well, to put that into perspective, let's take a look at a recent video that Nostalgia Nerd has put together that shows him actually using a 56K modem to load websites, and to be honest, it's kind of like fingernails on a chalkboard. 

But wait, how is it that there is even a dial-up service available? Well, does exist. In a very limited fashion. In the UK that is.....for those who live really really far away from any broadband access points. Such is the case with this guy, who demonstrates what life in 2017 is like trying to use a 56k modem on dial-up. Then perish the thought.

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