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A really cold experiment involving liquid nitrogen and a few household items

January 8, 2017

It's January and winter time folks, and you know what that means. Cold weather, snow, and more cold weather and snow. Some people like it and some don't, and what a better way to top it all off than to share another video pick today that involves something much much colder than what you have to endure outside. How about jugs of liquid nitrogen? Oh yeah, the deadly stuff you would never want to dip any body part into.

Well, the folks at MrGear have uploaded another one of their cool videos, and this time it shows some cool experiments with the super cold stuff, and a few common household items. When put together, the results are really something to behold. A rose becomes like glass, and shatters upon squeezing it in hand. A piece of celery, ditto. Then a banana is put to the test, and the results are of course.....shattering.

When I said I wanted to refrigerate my food, this experiment is not what I had in mind. So for those of you out there who might generate some ideas about trying this at home. Think again, as liquid nitrogen is not a toy and not something you can just mess around with for fun. Allow the video and the folks behind it to take on the burden.

There are some surprising items that are tried in this experiment you may not have thought of before, so check it out and post your reaction in the comment section below.

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