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Unusual jobs from the past that people no longer need - 10 Most

January 7, 2017

Remember a time in your past when you didn't have an alarm clock? Probably not, unless you are incredibly old. So before alarm clocks or other form of alarm aid was invented, how did people wake up on time to go to work? Would you believe they had to use other people? It's true, and they were called "Knocker Uppers". Yeah, let that sink in for a bit. Usually they were older women that would walk around town knocking on windows, or throwing pebbles to wake other folks up.

We've come a long way from those days, and the days of even food testing during an era where rat droppings and other harmful things would end up in the food we buy, until the days of quality control came along with other regulations to put an end to that sort of mess.

This and more is outlined in a new video uploaded by TheRichest, who is famous for their "Top 10" videos in similar fashion the way WatchMojo does. It covers the 10 most unusual jobs from the past that no longer exist. You wouldn't believe some of the jobs people had to do, but somebody had to do it until some form of automation or mechanical convenience took their place.

Take a look below and let me know what you think should have made the list, along with your own personal reaction.

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