Get ready for another insane and funny cat video compilation

January 9, 2017

Does the world have enough of these yet? Cat videos that is. Well yes and no. If you are a fan of cats then there is never enough videos of cats doing crazy things. Then again, if you don't much care for cats then probably don't want to see any of it. But maybe this one will bring you on board with the rest of the feline train. Next stop....funny cat compilation video. Free admission.

Cats have always had an odd way of doing things. Their own way, when they want it, and how they want it. You buy a toy for them that costs 20 bucks, and they would rather play with a ball of aluminum foil. But we still love them, and can't ever get past how cute they can be sometimes.

So without going too much into it, here is a video pick that needs more attention, as it has a compilation of some of the best antics and funny moments in cat history that will have you climbing up the wall chasing after that light you can't seem to catch.

Watch part of the way into the video where a guy starts to perform a break dance routine, and accidentally comes into contact with a cat running towards him. The cat gets knocked back, and I certainly hope no harm came from it as far as the cat is concerned. Ouch. But it's still one funny moment we can't forget.

Now I wonder what cats are dreaming about when they are asleep. Probably chasing a mouse.

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