Some hidden and dirty secrets put into cartoons might just have your jaw dropping

January 6, 2017

Oh how we love cartoons right? We grew up with them, and couldn't wait until that Saturday morning when we were finally off from a week of school, and it was play time. Unless you had lots of homework you were ready for some good old fashion cartoon fun, along with some video game goodness to go along with your weekend off. In the minds of most, cartoons have always been about entertainment and comedy on a kid level.

That is, until you find out a few dark secrets about some of them. They are out there, and they contain some of those dirty & hidden bits you probably never knew about. In today's reality of cartoons, when something "adult" or mature in nature happens in a cartoon, the first thing that comes to mind is likely South Park or Family guy. Both shows that I've watched plenty of over the years.

So what could be so bad that they should be called dirty? Well a recent video put out by the folks at Trending 10 should give you some thoughts along those lines. They point out some of those dark secrets that might make you wonder what the creators had in mind when they made them.

NOTE - The references pointed out in this video are actually made for entertainment purposes, and is meant to drive discussion and debate among the viewers according to the YouTube uploader Trending 10. So obviously some of these are pointing out what the brain sees, and not reality.

A personal favorite of mine happens to be Ren & Stimpy. That show has illustrated some things over the years that more than a few parents have had some issues with, but to me they were hilarious. 

Regardless of where you stand on cartoons and what content they should  bring to the living room TV, take a look at the video below and fire away with your own thoughts in the comment section. Is it really a big deal? Or is this just something that gets blown out of proportion more than it should? You decide.

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