Reactions from Castlevania fans over the new anime series being released

August 2, 2017

OK Konami, it's been just a little too long since we've had any new information regarding a new Castlevania game. Even a hand held one would be nice, but having one on the big screen would be the better treat. So what to do in the meantime now that our mouths are hungry for blood? Enjoy a new anime series for it all.....that's what. Yeah, it's been in the works for a while now, and the fans out there didn't know what to expect from an anime adaptation of the famous vampire hunting - whip wielding series.

But now that it's it really that good? Overall yes, indeed it was as it has received some great reviews. The new anime series takes elements from the third Castlevania game, Dracula's Curse as well as Symphony of the Night. So you are sure to see some of your favorite characters. When a new anime is released, and especially when it happens to be a game to anime or movie adaptation, history has taught us that it often doesn't turn out too well. Not so with the new Castlevania anime.

To put this into perspective, take a look at AlphaOmegaSin's review on it all, and it will give you some insight into it all based on his perspective. Keep in mind this review is NSFW, so make sure you aren't in a sensitive setting before watching the video as it contains some coarse language. A big thanks to AlphaOmegaSin for putting another one of his video together to share with the world.

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Reactions from Castlevania fans over the new anime series being released

August 2, 2017

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